This Space for Rent


I weighed myself after preriding the summer 400k (because my Chrome +4s were falling-off-my-hips loose all of a sudden, and came in at 179 pounds. I didn’t weight myself when I was out in Pacific City, but I did ride 188k getting down there, 88k when I explored Slab Creek Road, and 210k when I came back home to where the scale was.

Still 179, which is lighter than I’ve been for, um, about 20 years.

Gotta ride more. I’d love to get down under 170 pounds, because every pound I don’t have to drag up inclines is a pound that my legs can instead move the rest of me faster up those inclines. I’m not sure just how I’m going to do this, but my “ride two permanents a week” policy this summer certainly can’t hurt.