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When my family finalized plans to go out to Pacific City for a week, I cranked out a couple of permanents to get me there and back again (a 160k via 99W and the Nestucca River Road, a 200k via the Little Nestucca River Road, then a bunch of secondary roads over to the Wheatland ferry, and then secondary roads out to Molalla, Canby, and Oregon City.)

But I only printed out the outbound cuesheet, and left the inbound cuesheet unprinted and on the computer until it had departed Portland in the family car (I left a day later because the best didn’t want me to finish a 400k, then ride 160k to the coast immediately afterwards) and was unavailable to me to print before I left.

Oops. At least I brought the iPad to do some software development on, so I can take the pdf version of the inbound cuesheet and stuff it into iBooks, then use the iPad as a very expensive cue sheet on the way back.


How in the world are you doing software development on an iPad?

Lynn Fri Aug 3 07:21:54 2012

The iPad is tethered to a Mac, which went back and forth by car.

David Parsons Fri Aug 3 18:41:42 2012

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