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New (experimental!) Code!

Postoffice has been dragged, kicking and screaming, up to version 1.5.4-beta2 with an extensive reworking of the milter library to better support milters that (a) don’t want to do all of the phases of the milter protocol and/or (b) refuse messages during phases other than DATA. (There are also a couple of other fixes – the smtp server doesn’t quit on HUP anymore, and the -C command line option uses the specified configuration file instead of the system – but the rework to the milter library is the reason why this release is here and is a beta release.)

This code is not completely untested; it’s handling my mail right now (and we get something on the order of 5-6000 mail attempts a day, so it’s doing actual work, even if it’s not industrial scale actual work) but it is screamingly BETA code that may actually fulfill my dire warnings of converting your servers into smouldering piles of rubble.

But, hey, you might as well live dangerously! Pick up this New Code! and you can live the adventure archeologist lifestyle without even getting up from your desk!