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New Code!

After time for calm reflection, Discount has been unceremoniously pushed up to version 2.0.2 with a small handful of new features, bugfixes (not actually make-me-crash bugs, but things that didn’t work like the reference dingus,) and test cases:

  1. Fix a glitch in new-style [] processing that would collapse two sequential new-style [link]s into one no matter how much space was between them. The reference dingus only coalesces adjacent new-style [link]s together if they are physically adjacent or have one space between them.
  2. Modify superscript grabbing so that it grabs parenthetical and alphanumeric blocks
  3. Rework (again!) the guts of linkylinky to support markdown 1.0.2b8-style <..> links: these are like the original format I implemented before I rolled them out while chasing compatability in that a url starting with ‘<’ contains all characters until an unescaped ‘>’ is encountered.
  4. Change the autolink prefix to closer fit to the reference dingus; if a <url> has a known protocol prefix, it does not need a leading // after the prefix.
  5. Add a couple of functions that write the current runtime configuration (either a flags value (mkd_flags_are) or of an MMIOT (mkd_mmiot_flags)) to a FILE. markdown -VV prints out the flags for now, and the functions are there for other people to use as they desire (see below.)
  6. In theme, add the pseudo-tag <?theme config?>, which writes a listing of all of the runtime settings to the output file. If <?theme config?> is called from the header section of page.theme, it writes the runtime settings in markdown -VV format, otherwise it writes a two-column html table (regrettably this will not work from inside generated content; theme is kind of stupid that way.)
  7. Add test cases for <> links (regular and markdown 1 compat), split the superscript tests out from smarty.t

If you’ve been watching the github mirror none of this will be particularly new, but it’s still New Code! according to my erratic release schedule. So stay inside out of the rain, download it, and warm yourself by the glow of exploding software.