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I’m not so sure about the durability of these brake pads

Velo Orange brake pads do not seem to be suitable for wet environments

The two brake pads in the center are a pair of still in the box Velo Orange “squeal-free” pads. The two brake pads on the outside are a pair of Velo Orange “squeal-free” pads that I put on the mlcm last wednesday, rode for about 40 miles commuting, then took out yesterday for a loop of the Skyline-Vernonia permanent (~150 miles including the 11.5 miles from home and 11.5 miles back home.)

Near the end of the permanent I noticed that the braking power of the front brakes had faded to the point where they were not actually doing any braking anymore. And when I got home and looked at the front wheel I noticed first that the brake pads were much thinner than they were when I installed them, and secondly that the braking surfaces were coated with a thick layer of brake pad goo.

And this in about 200 miles. Admittedly, it’s 200 miles in the rain, including about 7000 feet of descending in the last 140 miles, but this is western Oregon, where it has been known to be damp even when non-randonneurs are riding around.

I’m not so sure about the durability of these pads.


I would have thought you could be extremely sure about the durability of those pads; there is none, or none to speak of.


Graydon Mon Nov 15 17:09:54 2010

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