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Horrifying discovery of the day

Yesterday, when I rode up to Mount Hood and back, I took along, as part of my food collection, a package of Clif “shot bloks”, which I ate about half of, then dropped the rest into my pocket for later consumption (that never happened, despite me not getting home until midnight.) Today, I emptied out my pockets and dropped my amazingly sweat-soaked plus 4s into the wash, but I managed to miss the pocket containing the shot bloks.

I didn’t even realize that they were there until after the plus 4s came out of the dryer, and I was folding my clothing so I could put it away.

The horrifying discovery? No, it was not that the lining of my zipper pocket had become a mass of melted and congealed gelatine. No, it was that the shot bloks looked just like new, without any signs of being dissolved or otherwise mangled by the washer or dryer.

And I’ve been eating these things?


Excuse me; I need to go and scrub out my digestive tract now.


I mentioned this to Stacey who replied with an aire of indifference, “Oh, yes. I’ve pulled several of those out of the dryer. You learn many fun chemistry facts when you have four children.”

Lynn Dobbs Tue Jun 22 08:28:25 2010

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