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A magnetic snap for the prototype handlebar bag

The first two lid latching mechanisms (velcro, plastic snap) that I experimented with on my handlebar bag prototypes turned out to be less than ideal, so I’m trying out a third – my prototype 2 bag has been retrofitted with a magnetic purse snap, which will be tested on a R300 tomorrow morning.

The wonderful photo quality is courtesy of the Olympus D510 CBC, which is a terrible substitute for a real camera, but it’s all I’ve got :-(


Might one closure per side right at the front work better than the single closure at front edge centre?

I can’t tell how stiff the top is, but I’d expect the corners to want to flap, or at least wiggle, in some conditions.

Graydon Sun Jun 20 16:13:41 2010

All of the snap arrangements I’ve experimented with are the “one snap in the middle” type, and they don’t flap in the wind, even when I’m plunging down long steep ramps at high speed.

The advantage of a single middle snap is that I can pry up the corner of the lid and reach inside while I’m in motion; if I put a bag of goodies into one of the rear corners, I can get to it without opening the lid, then risking hitting a bump and having everything go flying out. And the magnetic latch seems fairly strong when it’s clipped shut – it takes a bit of effort to open the latch, and if I hit a bump the little stud in the middle of the snap keeps it from being sheared open.

David Parsons Mon Jun 21 07:10:23 2010

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