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April showers bring May showers?


At least they did on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. (Saturday I just avoided being caught out in a torrential downpour; Sunday I was racing the torrential downpour home from Boring and would have beaten it except I was caught by a red light at Tacoma St and ended up riding the last 750 meters in hail mixed with typhoon-style rain. Completely soaked, down to and including my shoes [which, to be honest, were doomed anyway because I haven’t replaced the front fender on my bike since the last time I crunched it into the front fork] and the only thing that was good about the rain is it washed off the thick layer of mud splatters that I’d picked up when riding on the unimproved part of the Springwater Trail into Boring) and Monday I just stayed at home because it was pouring down rain all day (to the point where rain came under the soffit at the SW corner of the house and down onto Silas’s (unused) bed.) Today it didn’t rain so much, but I stayed up last night fretting about how to repair the damned roof, so after dropping the bears off at school I came back and fell asleep instead of riding.

I fully expect that since I’m going to get 8+ hours of sleep tonight that it will pour down rain tomorrow. If so, I’m going to spend some of the day riding from bike coop to bike coop, seeing if they have any used lugged steel frames that are suitable for fitting 700c tires, fenders, and front racks to, and the rest of the day pulling the offending soffit off the house so I can put up a new one once it stops raining (but I’ll be hoping that a GIANT METEOR will strike the house instead so I won’t have to worry about it.)