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Out on the line

EPT1202 @ Sellwood bridge

I was on my way back from the Big Big Big Store this afternoon (in the rain, I will add – it was mostly sunny when I went up to the store, but when I came out from the store the clouds had rolled on in and it was starting to rain. I had my raincoat, and none of the stuff I was carrying was water soluble, so I headed off towards home despite the downpour. This proved to be a fortunate choice, because about 10 minutes after I got home a line of torrential rain moved through Portland and if I’d be caught in that I’m pretty certain that I would have melted in the deluge) when I heard #1202 whistling for a crossing south of me. I was almost to the end of the downtown segment of the Springwater Trail at Umatilla St, so when I got off the trail I pulled the bicycle off to the side of the road, put my camera bag on the seat to protect it from the rain, and waited for a train to roll on by.

#1202 was pushing a passenger train (the new UP caboose, the ex-Simpson caboose/sightseeing car, and the regular sightseeing car) northwards, but I didn’t get any non-cluttered pictures until after the train had passed me by and was receding towards the Sellwood bridge. And then I hopped back onto the bicycle and finished dragging my 65lbs of groceries back home.