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New Code!

Cwatch has been pushed up to version 0.97 to release some tiny portability changes. I had built cwatch against the actual Unix lex and yacc programs, and it turns out that the gnuware equivalent of yacc is not completely compatable with yacc (I discovered this when my friend Lynn Dobbs wrote me a bug report, and then by pure coincidence found a test system when I put Xcode onto crepe last night and got to see that Apple (or the subset of Apple that makes the Xcode package) decided that they too wanted to be part of the gnu generation and replace yacc with the lower-priced spread.)

So I did a round of s/\$\([0-9][0-9]*\).\([a-z.][a-z.]*\)/$<\2\>\1/g, pruned a duplicate REGEX token, added a couple of #includes, and, lo and behold, New Code for my microscopically tiny user base!