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Political public service announcement!

A few weeks back, I said that I wasn’t planning on voting for either of the center-right Democratic candidates for the presidency. This wasn’t hyperbole – the unrelenting sexism from one side and some of the more unhinged people on the other side is part of it, but I’m *sick and tired* of voting for center-right candidates under the hope that the bastards (and I mean this in a strictly gender-neutral manner) won’t turn around and stab me in the back as soon as they get into power.

They didn’t.

And I should vote for one of the members of the Senate caucus that let this shit happen?

*No, I don’t think so*

If the Democrats are capable of fixing this train wreck, they need to prove that they will do it BEFORE I will begin to care about helping them. I don’t like to be treated as a fool, and it seems that every time I vote for a Democrat I am treated as a fool.

Start fixing the country, Democrats, and my wallet will pop open like a jack in the box. But start without me; I’ll catch up if you mean it.

This rant brought to you courtesy of Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, the Huffington Post, Open Left, the anti-islamic bigot commenters who drove me away from Reclusive Leftist, and all of the weblogs that have enbraced the Scaife-style “The KKKKKKkkklintons are EVIL” meme. Thanks, everyone, for making this election season a complete living hell!