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New weblog feature!

When I redid the css for tsfr, I didn’t actually check all the world’s browsers against it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that nothing but firefox rendered it properly (and, of course, Internet Explorer rendered it worst of all.)

So I’ve “fixed” it. the formatting is still a little bit wonky with IE, but at least the people who use IE can now tell that multiple sidebars exist.


Konqueror rendered it just fine, too.

Or at least, any infelicities of rendering were such that I didn’t notice them.

Graydon Fri May 2 16:15:29 2008

Oh, ho, you’ve got a weblog. With lots of pretty pictures, too. What are you using for a telephoto lens?

David Parsons Fri May 2 22:34:53 2008

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