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Let this be a lesson that you never talk politics with conservatives

Okay, so it’s fine and good that the Obama campaign has this theme of going beyond partisan squabbling and getting back to the whole process of governing the country. As a pack of lies, it works pretty well. But if you start to believe in these lies and, um, chat with Stephen “Mini-Me” Harper about the future of trade agreements, you’re drinking from the wrong water pitcher.

Mini-Me is a B*sh clone. And, worse yet, he’s not a dissipate upper class twit with a S&M bent, but a smart sociopath who will cheerfully leak selected parts of your correspondence at just the right time to fuck you over but good. Consider yourself very fortunate that the Evil Party foolishly thinks that a drawn out Democratic primary campaign is bad instead of the PR opportunity from heaven that it’s turning out to be. If it wasn’t for that foolish bit of Evil Party strategy, the “I was only lying about NAFTA” story would have been dumped out in the middle of the general election instead of harmlessly in the middle of primary season.

Perhaps your policy team should learn a lesson from this, instead of just whining and continuing to exchange the stupidity token with the Clinton campaign?