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He’s talking about torture, kids, and that’s a war crime.

The White House confirmed on Friday that President Bush will veto the bill passed by Congress to restrict the CIA’s interrogations to strictly non-torture methods, with a spokesman saying it would “take away one of the most valuable tools on the war on terror.

(–via Talking Points Memo)

The “valuable tool” that Mount Doom on the Potomac is talking about is the ability to generate an endless (well, not quite endless; eventually the victim either goes catatonic or is tortured past the point where one of Mount Doom’s pet Mengele’s can’t keep them alive anymore) stream of fraudulent “confessions” that can be used as an excuse to kidnap more random people off the street and torture them into providing more “confessions,” thus providing job security for the evil torturers who are the backbone of the American Imperium.

And why shouldn’t it work? The Inquisition got a lot of milage out of torturing random people to death, and nothing ever happened to it. It’s not as if the American people give a fuck about trivial things like torture, just as long as they don’t have to actually hear about it.