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Okay, so this might be the thing that kills the biofuel craze

Mexican farmers are replanting their agave fields with corn.

The people who waddle by in their big old SUVs (and I must say I'm impressed with their lack of short-term memory; when gas got up to US$3.45, the SUVs started to diminish, but now that it's gone down to US$3.30, all of the stupid SUVs are back on the road) probably don't give a damn about driving the orangutan to extinction, but when they realize that the price of real tequila will start to make single malt whisky prices look like the price of a case of Bud!, well, that might be enough to make them reconsider the error of their ways.

At least I can only hope so.

(via Bouphonia)


Got my fingers crossed!!!!

Adron Sun Jun 3 23:19:26 2007

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