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Trolley picture of the day

OrangeYellow at Gibbs St.

When I was taking the bus home for lunch, I spotted the yellow side of OrangeYellow at Gibbs St. I was too busy gaping at the rather bright color scheme (the city doesn't believe in dull paint schemes on the Skodas (et al), so even on the more sedate cars it's an awful lot like the psychedelic trolley reborn, but this one makes the older cars look muted.

I didn't even remember that I had my camera in my hands until the bus was past the trolley line.


The colors on the new cars really do make the old ones look bland.

I still prefer the cars in New Orleans. But hey, I still dig em' either way.

Adron Sun Jun 3 23:20:50 2007

Which NOLA cars? The real Perley-Thomas cars, or the bright red replica cars that run on Waterfront? They’d only just opened the Waterfront line when I left new Orleans, and it was still quite an oddity at that time (Waterfront was still narrow gauge and was using a couple of W2s and an 800 that was borrowed from a museum.)

I like the NOLA cars because they look like what I’d expect trolleys to look like, but ever since I rode my first PCC (Boston, on the High Speed line) I’ve been more of a modern trolley fanatic. The Astras and Trios are certainly not PCCs, but if you look at them in the right way they look like oddly elongated PCCs.

If I won the lottery, I’d bid to sponsor one of those cars on the condition that Tri-Met repaint it like 1730.

David Parsons Mon Jun 4 22:53:29 2007

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