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Yar! at the Zoo

We went up to the Zoo today to look at the new exhibits and see Capt. Bogg and Salty do a 2:30pm concert.

We did get to see the new exhibits (including the cougar exhibit, which had a BIG warning sign that said, more or less, "we're throwing cadavers to the animals, so if you're squeamish you'd be better off just backing away slowly." But by the time we got there the cougars had already eaten their fill and, as cats tend to do, had collapsed into heaps for their daily 20-hour nap,) but the first order of business was to go and listen to some music.

We got there fairly late, so we missed the first part of the concert (we walked in in the middle of I'm A Pirate, and by that time the crowd was big enough so that we ended up over on one side of the moshpit, and I didn't feel that it would be a good idea to worm through the crowd to get good photo angles. The bears didn't care; they came for the music, and were quite happy with where we sat. I did some scrambling around to get better stage angles -- the shell is easy to get around from the back -- but spent most of the time sitting down and taking pictures from the moshpit floor) but even a fractional concert is a Good Thing to see.

Oddly enough, I managed to get quite a few more pictures of Ramshackle than I did of Sunny Jim, which was a bit of a feat considering that the drum set was set up approximately 400 meters back from the rest of the band:

As an aside, I managed to find out who was in the Jellydots' unidentified backing band at the Grease Ball, because I saw them at this concert:

The unidentified backing band for the Jellydots at the Grease Ball

I still don't know the name of the unidentified backing band, though, so my previous comment is still half-valid.


Does that group travel and do gigs at events like renfaires? They look familiar.

Lynn Mon Apr 2 15:30:52 2007


We decided (minutes before the show) that said backing band would be called “The Goobers.” That Bogg rhythm section is really great. Aww, heck! The whole gosh darn band is incredible!! I love those guys and hope to see them again next time I’m back in Portland.

-the jelly d.

p.s. Our new record will be out soon!

Doug Snyder Tue Apr 3 19:49:33 2007

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