This Space for Rent

Captain Bogg & Salty, et al, at the Grease Ball

This afternoon, we went to the Grease Ball at the Wonder Ballroom because it gave us another chance to see Captain Bogg & Salty in concert again. Being able to see the Sprockettes again was a bonus, since we'd not seen them since they played at Iron Artist a couple of years ago.

The Wonder Ballroom is a nice place, but it's not quite the same as the Moreland Theatre (no seats, for one, and the best wasn't the producer of this show, so I couldn't get out of my seat and scamper up and down the aisles to take pictures at better angles) is for taking pictures. But be that as it may, it was worth bringing the camera along.

­ ­

When we got into the ballroom, there was an area roped off in front of the stage, so, of course, the Sprockettes were the first group to perform. Since it was such a tiny space, they didn't have room to fit all of the Sprockettes in, but instead did a micro-Sprockette performance with five people. And, since it was such a tiny space, the performance was more dance and less bicycle than the previous time I'd seen them (which was also at the Wonder Ballroom, but out on the street instead of inside the ballroom.)

One solitary Jellydot

The second group was Doug Snyder from the Austin band The Jellydots, plus, eventually, a drummer and base player from another band that I didn't catch the name of. Mr. Snyder is a fairly restrained performer, and it was hard to actually get a lively picture out of him, but eventually he played a song about multiplying by three which pulled him out from behind the microphone for long enough to get a couple of pictures.

­ ­ ­

Go Bobcats!

Buckle wasn't in this performance, but the rest of the group was. Two unfortunate features about a regular stage and melee seating on the floor are (a) you can't move around to get better camera angles without blocking everyone's view and (b) you can't see the drummer. I managed to get a few pictures of Ramshackle, but none were very, um, revealing.

Captain Bogg & Salty played a collection of mainly songs from their first two albums, but with one from their third album and two (three?) still unpublished works; one about the hazards of drinking seawater and a sequel to Sea Monster.