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A slightly different view of the aerial tramway

North departs Gibbs street station   South arrives at Gibbs street station   006 pulls into the temporary Gibbs St. terminus

Today, we went out to the *ld Sp*g*htt* F*ct*ry at the south end of the South Macadam developer enrichment project (an experience that had to be seen to believe. The restaurant was empty (70% of the tables were unoccupied) but it still took them 45 minutes to seat us and another 45 minutes to get us our food. Why? Because they only had about 7 staffers in the whole building and they, not surprisingly, couldn't keep up. Yes, yes, TOSF is a Portland business and all that, but if they can't even bring in additional staff on a busy saturday afternoon, it's a sign that they really don't care about the staff or the customers) and when we finally escaped, the best and I drove north past the Gibbs street tram and trolley terminus.

So we had to stop so I could take a few tramway pictures.

North and South pass each other

When we were driving away and looping onto the Ross Island Bridge, I spotted South heading uphill and knew that if I saw South, North was close at hand. Who cares about a few raindrops on the Prius?


Funny, TOSF in Toronto had exactly the same reputation. And at one point they fired the manager because he was stealing millions of dollars of restaurant supplies and selling them to other restaurants. I believe they were also dealing drugs out the back as well.

Paul Tomblin Sun Feb 4 05:20:45 2007

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