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Olde Timey railroad picture of the day

Yellow Menace SD70m #4778, made all olde timey with a sepia filter

When I was going back to work after lunch yesterday, the #70 bus went past a container freight switching at the north end of Brooklyn Yard. I got an interesting shot of the lead SD70m, but reflections off the bus window spoiled the shot. A quick pass through the Irfanview (one of the three killer applications that keep me using Windows; the other two are Civilization II and a consistant user interface that doesn't require a 4p Xeon box to run at a reasonable speed. And, yes, I've evaluated MacOS, and the periodic 5-second mouse hangups got to be too much for me after a whopping two days) sepia filter and the reflections, if not "went away", at least sort of merged into the picture so you have to look to see the reflections of the trees on the west side of 17th.