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The perpetually late Coast Starlight strikes again

The last time I got pictures of Amtrak twinkies 112 and 113, it was still summertime and Brooklyn Yard was still hot, dry, and dusty. But it's not summer anymore and the first round of rain has driven down the dust so that when 112 and 113 pulled the northbound Coast Starlight through the yard, they didn't kick up even the slightest amount of dust, and thus the pictures I took make the train look like it's just standing still in a few different locations.

112+113 approaching the Toonerville bridge 112+113 after they went under the Toonerville Bridge

The new lens is kind of terrifying in the amount of detail it can pick out. I'd taken the polarizing filter off to see how much light would come in without the polarizer interfering, and I suspect that if I'd left it I'd be able to read the large lettering on the GE builders plate on 112.

A ridiculously detailed view of the front end of 112

And having a nice fast lens and a sunny day means that I get to see more of the inside of the lounge car than I realized.

Peering into the lounge car