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New Code! (yes, I’m still a computer programmer edition)

Annotations has been pushed up to version because I've added a couple of new features to it. I've got a small collection of non-standard pages in TSFR, and I've been wanting to make the normal crop of weblog operations work on them as well as the regular weblog pages. So there are now three changes to the code that will support this.

The first (and most trivial change) is that the code supplies the new environment variable LOCATION, which is the path from bbsroot to the article that wants to use this. This is used by the second change, which is that the filename passed to <?theme [filename]?> can now be prefixed with an environment variable (right now the only useful one is $LOCATION, but there may be others someday.) I set this up so I can change the appearance of single pages via page-specific css (look at the source for this page -- it uses the exact same css as everything else here, but some of that css is overwritten to make it look slightly different), but it can also be used to include any arbitrary site-specific text.

The third, and most important, change is that reindex and the comment program will now handle articles in any directory, not just ones in the YYYY/MM/DD/ weblog tree. You still have to create the page by hand (by generating the message.txt and message.ctl files), but once you've done that reindex will properly generate the index.html file and the comment code will allow your users to comment just like they can comment to any regular weblog page.