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Same train, different location

Amtrak Twinkie #119 leans into the curve at 15th Street

I could see a line of boxcars on the Powell Street bridge when the #17 bus came off the east side of the Ross Island bridge this afternoon, so I hopped off at Powell and Milwaukie and walked up to the 15th Street pedestrian bridge. There was a Yellow Menace transfer freight waiting on the northbound main (I took several pictures of it, but all of the good ones were spoiled by green lightspots in the middle of the frame. Drat), and as I peeked around to see if there was anything else I heard the distinctive *toot, toot* of an Amtrak train approaching from the south.

I wedged myself up against the chainlink fence (for some reason the top of the bridge is encased in fencing, unlike the Toonerville bridge to the south) and started snapping away as soon as I saw the headlights of the northbound (and, of course, two hours late) Coast Starlight.

Some of the pictures turned out better than the others.