This Space for Rent

A piratical weblog in three easy steps, annotations-style

  1. Get the Blosxom bloglikeapirate™ plugin, and stuff it into /usr/local/bin.
  2. in weblog.conf, set filter=/usr/local/bin/bloglikeapirate
  3. reindex -fa

I'm using a Blosxom plugin because even though it's all p*rl, it runs on the statically linked a.out version of p*rl 5.005_02 that's on pell. The php and p*th*n talklikeapirate plugins that are floating around for other weblog programs have the fatal disadvantages that they are written in php (a language for people who think that p*rl doesn't mutate fast enough) and p*th*n (ditto). And once you've thrown a couple of gigahertz of P4 at the stupid language, it finally becomes disk-bound and can render TSFR about as fast as the regular unfiltered rendering.

Talk like a pirate day does suffer from some problems, mainly that it appears to be getting more and more screamingly sexist every year, but the bloglikeapirate version of TSFR is bizarre enough to make up for it so far.