This Space for Rent

Not really the prediction I wanted to come true.

Well, I expected that it would happen, otherwise I wouldn't have predicted it, but it's still really distressing to see the B*sh junta doing a full-court press to ensure that a bill to legalize water torture (and other forms of torture, as long as they're done by agents of the United States) is delivered to Mount Doom on the Potomac for the imperial signature.

And this is a government that can't be bothered to even look for Osama bin Laden. Sure, it's important to be able to torture innocent bystanders to death, but to look for someone who managed to destroy the WTC? Not so important, because even though ObL is an evil mastermind, he's still a bin Laden, and that family is a wealthy Saudi family, which means they're all BFFs of the B*sh family, and you can't go around arresting close family friends for piddling little episodes of mass murder when you've got places to go and people to murder yourself.