This Space for Rent

Someone is going directly to hell for publishing this.

On United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the United States reaffirms its commitment to the worldwide elimination of torture. Freedom from torture is an inalienable human right, and we are committed to building a world where human rights are respected and protected by the rule of law.

Yes, that's a press release from Mount Doom on the Potomac, from the same administration that brought you death camps in Afghanistan, death camps in Iraq, death camps in Cuba, and death camps on the high seas. Oh, yes, and it's an administration that tosses American citizens into the gulag and keeps them locked up indefinitely.

Do you think that "freedom from torture is an inalianable human right" includes freedom from being beaten to death by American soldiers? Or do you think that the Coward in Chief has instructed his evil minions to redefine torture as "... except if done by agents of the United States"?

Go ahead, George, lie to us. Maybe you'll be lucky and there won't be an afterlife, because I think that being frozen into the lake at the bottom of hell will get very tedious after a thousand years or so.