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Friday photo dump

Today, I decided to forgo the usual stop at Brooklyn Yard, but instead switched busses at 11th and Division (I actually rode the #17 across to 9th and Powell, then walked over to 11th and Division to catch the #70, because the Coast Starlight was running late and I might catch it in mid walk) so I could get home earlier.

Well, I didn't get home earlier, because something had bottled up the #70, and no bus appeared until about 17:40, when the banana busses rolled on up, but I did get a chance to see some Eng!s while I was cooling my heels.

First, as I walked down 9th on the way to the bus stop, I heard the now-familiar *toot tooooot toot toot* of the northbound Coast Starlight as it approached the 11th and 12th Ave. crossings. It was far enough away, and moving slowly enough so I could quickly dodge 1 block east to get a better field of vision as it popped out between buildings.

Same old train, same old late arrival

I appear to be having trouble actually centering the item I'm trying to take pictures of. It's more of a problem now that I've attached a prime lens to my Pentax, because it removes the luxury of being able to zoom out and get more of the engine and the rest of the train.

I need to work on centering the eng I'm trying to photograph

After the Coast Starlight went past, I finished my walk to the 11th and Division bus stop, getting there at about 17:25. And then I waited, and waited, and waited. And, before the bus got to me, the evening Yellow Menace transfer freight left Brooklyn Yard and rolled slowly and majestically northwards. The second engine on the train was an ex-SP engine (which I first saw on Tuesday, but then it was just sitting at the head of a train that was parked in Brooklyn yard) that had not yet been painted into the most boring paint scheme in all Christendom, so I made sure to get one picture of it pretending to lead the train across 11th.

an ex-SP engine pretends to lead the evening transfer freight

A SD70m (UP #4020) also made a light engine move from Albina to Brooklyn Yard, but trucks and SUVs were more in the way, so I didn't get a picture that was worth keeping.