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A rainbow in downtown portland

A (large -- 1100x4000 pixels, so beware} autostitched composite image of a rainbow, taken while I was waiting at my bus stop after a 6-hours-of-meetings-from-HELL day.


<a href=“”>Saw this and thought of you.

L-girl Fri Sep 15 08:50:51 2006

Oh, yes, that article brings back plenty of memories of riding Amtrak east of Chicago. None of those memories are good; the Lake Shore Limited is a notoriously awful train, and the writer may have avoided some of the more disgusting things that have happened on those trains (I remember taking the Lake Shore Limited from NYC to Chicago once, and after a while I was just avoiding the horrible uncleaned bathrooms.)

Once you get west of Chicago things get better. It helps that all the western lines use new rolling stock (when I did a rtw trip on Amtrak in 1978 the Chicago to Oakland train still used the old Budd and Pullman cars, and parts of them were pretty grim; on the good side the old cars includes some vista-dome cars, which a much better than the new lounge cars because they let you look forward across the roof of the train.

David Parsons Sat Sep 16 13:56:32 2006

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