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Impromptu homage to Animal Planet

My eldest son has been, for the past couple of years, sneaking off to his grandmothers and watching episodes of Animal Planet. Imagine my surprise when, after coming back from a labo(u)r day vacation where he kept telling me a variety of interesting and not totally believable facts about animals which he had learned from Animal Planet, to discover that Steve Irwin had managed to end his career by becoming the third person to be killed by an Australian stingray.

RIP, Mr. Irwin.

(but where's the homage, you might ask? Read on, and you will see.)

This ray, which we discovered on the beach in Gearhart, OR, is not in a position to sting anyone. It actually might be a stingray (at least one species is native to the Oregon Coast), but its stinginess is now only a matter of concern to whatever prey it might encounter in ray heaven.