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Annoying travel discovery of the week, pt 1

Despite there being approximately 100,000 internet cafes and restaurants with network connectivity, not a single one has ssh. Sigh.


This was just a bit too terse for me to understand what you mean. I have yet to experience a free hotspot that prevents me from using ssh to get to my servers.

I have experienced a new issue, though. Paying for the hotspot access. Buy a cup of coffee and get 30 minutes for free. Until you enter a code, all ports are closed on the ip assigned by the dhcpd on the local gateway.

Lynn Mon Sep 4 13:17:13 2006

Oh, I’d be surprised if any of them didn’t allow me to ssh out from my own machine, but none of the ones I’ve encountered had ssh on any of the machines they have set up. One of the hazards of buying a used laptop is that the silly things usually come with a battery that’s got a 5-10 minute lifespan, and that hazard is there and functional on my current laptop. So I’m stuck with the cafe computers, and the process of downloading and installing putty cuts into the limited amount of time available before Total Baby Detonation™.

David Parsons Mon Sep 4 20:34:28 2006

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