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A quick question

Is there anyone who still adheres to the Geneva conventions? And, if so, do they get little love letters from the local two-headed superpower (Israel and the American Imperium, which appear to have fused into a single super-efficient atrocity machine) telling them that they're suckers?

It's not as if the United Nations can actually do anything, given that the American Imperium has veto power over everything it does, and none of the other great powers (which appear to have lost interest in maintaining a large colonial network, and are willing to allow the two-headed superpower to create a large wasteland of failed states and bombed-over ghettos with no more than a pro-forma "gosh, Wally, it's not nice to bomb entire states into rubble!") are willing to threaten war to actually attempt to enforce those treaties. So why pretend that those treaties still exist? Oh, right, so you can use them as a club to wave at the various guerrilla and resistance movements who spring up everywhere where the malign gaze of the two-headed superpower happens to fall.

I don't think that the Geneva conventions will really be functional treaties until at least one large heavily armed (with nuclear weapons; if all you have is conventional weapons, it's just an excuse for More Bombing!) superpower can emerge in opposition to the American Imperium.

And even then I don't think that will provoke any sort of humanitarian reaction from the people who lead the American Imperium, because the last time we had a superpower opposing the United States all it managed to do was provoke witchhunts and get laws passed putting "Under God" into the official state obedience song.