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Short shameful confession

It's probably illegal for someone who grew up in a prairie-style house in Wisconsin and who is interested in Prairie Style, Arts and Crafts, and Craftsman-style architecture, but I really don't like Frank Lloyd Wright very much.


I think FLW has some interesting designs. But he was a lousy architect. His biggest and best leaked, fell down or needed to be demolished. He designed buildings that could not be built with the technology of the day – and maybe not with the technology of today.

His biggest contribution to the art of architecture was innovation. Too bad he was at the practical side of his craft.

Lynn Fri Jul 21 10:19:38 2006

Yes very good concept designer. Good structure design-engineering includes durability and ease of maintenance. Applies to Cars, Planes and Trains too.


Ken Parks Fri Jul 21 13:19:16 2006

and when it comes to houses, shouldn’t people be able to live in them? from what i’ve seen his houses fail in this area. they don’t even look as if he particularly intended them for human habitation.

grendel's arm Fri Jul 21 15:10:11 2006

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