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This is not the Amtrak train you’re looking for

It was not 38°C this afternoon, so it was far more pleasant down at Brooklyn Yard. When I got there, nothing was visible except for the afternoon transfer job up to Albina yard, and I would have left except that I got into a conversation with the brakeman (a cool sunny afternoon -- 27°C is not normally what I'd consider to be cool, but it was really nice today -- makes the whole idea of standing around chatting by the railroad tracks seem like an absolutely splendid idea) and chatted until the first Amtrak train came by.

I was expecting it to be train #507, but, um, it wasn't. Instead of a F69 lugging a train of talgo cars, three Twinkies rolled around the curve, pulling the (two hours late, conveniently for me) Coast Starlight.

And as the Coast Starlight rolled by, the transfer freight started to move out, thus breaking off my conversation with the brakeman. So I headed over to the bus stop and went home to pick up about 5 tons of assorted yard debris from home.