This Space for Rent

My God, it’s full of SD40-2’s!

Today was early and I hadn't much time to look at Engs!, so I only got pictures of another pair of SD40-2s waiting to pull a transfer freight to either Albina or the BN yard in Northwest Portland. A container train was getting ready to depart for points northward, but it didn't pop its nose into view until the #70 bus pulled up to the stop, so I didn't get any pictures of it.

And apparently I've been walking over to take pictures of the Engs! often enough so the people at the local warehouses are beginning to recognise me. (Perhaps it's the Groovy Girl zipper pull on my purse?) When I was sitting by the bus stop, someone from one of the warehouses came over to catch the bus to his home, and asked why I got off the bus, walked over to the railroad, walked back, and occasionally ran back. He was somewhat baffled by my "I like to take railroad pictures" comment.