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No Amtrak today

I left work earlier today, so I missed out on the traditionally late Amtrak train 507, and only managed to catch the afternoon transfer freight (with SD40-2's 3672 and 3632) and a pair of switchers breaking up a train.

I squashed these pictures down a little bit so that the big versions won't be 2+mb each, but other than that these are the pictures just as they come from the camera. I don't really like GM locomotives (give me a nice curvy first-generation ALCO any day) but the SD40-2 is sort of growing on me with it's long end platforms (though that may be familiarity; there are a lot of SD40-2s running around, and it's about the only sort of distinctive engine that was running when I was trainspotting in the 1970s, but is still running today. Even the boring-as-paint-drying UP paint scheme can't completely spoil these engines.)