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She’s a heretic! Burn her!

The nerve of Ana Marie Cox, saying such rude things about the Yearly Kos attendees like:

Of course, the bloggers of Yearly Kos have a ways to go before they are either as feted (or as fetid) as they believe mainstream journalists to be. And as seriously as they seemed to take the conference, they don't take themselves as seriously as mainstream journalists do, either. On the conference's last day, someone brought an industrial roll of aluminum foil and dozens of attendees spent the afternoon walking around in elaborate tin-foil hats. If Judy Miller of the New York Times had thought to pack along a similar prop when she was embedded in Iraq or practiced a similar sort of skepticism about her sources and her reporterly ego perhaps the mainstream media wouldn't be as reliable a punchline at these gatherings today.

Oh, sorry, she was insulting Judy "Queen of Iraq" Miller here. Perhaps the mortal insult was when Ms Cox wasn't suitably respectful of Mark Warner when she said:

The first one was about whether Warner was correct in asserting that Iran is a greater threat to our national security than Pakistan. A better question might have been, how valuable is the opinion on such matters when it comes from a one-term governor of Virginia?

Since you know that we've been doing so well with appointing inexperienced ex-governors to the White House in the past few years. But some of the Big Names in the liberal political weblog world support Warner, so that makes him completely different from the last inexperienced governor who got into the White House (and who is fanatically supported by a slightly different political weblog world.)

Aaarrgh. This "offensive" Time article (which has all of the big dogs in the liberal political weblog world rushing to apply the scarlet phrase "NOT WITH THE PROGRAM" on her lapel) is, well, only offensive if you're drinking from the same well of blind obedience that the conservatives have been drinking from for at least the past quarter of a century. If I want this sort of obedience, I'll read the National Review or any of the big (snicker) libertarian rags (because, really, if you want to see the end result of the "my tribe rules!" mentality, there's nothing better than seeing a libertarian supporting torture, ubiquitous surveillance, and massive government payouts to campaign supporters.)

And people wonder where the DLC came from. Once you start throwing stones at opinion writers for not being suitably respectful of the anointed leadership, it's not too far from believing that power is its own reward.