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Photographic discovery of the day

Irfan Skiljan has put real image rotation into his Irfanview image viewing program. This is intensely useful; I was using Photoshop and the GIMP for doing image rotation, and now I can do that without firing up either of the swiss army battleships. (And since Irfanview already has a magic [red eye reduction] button, it means that I basically don't have to use the GIMP or Photoshop for anything other than the .1% of my photos that are almost completely fubarred.)


I have two and only reasons for missing the Microsoft operating systems. I can’t view dvds in linux and I can’t use irfanview.

There are dozens of “fast and easer” graphics viewers for linux, but nothing that comes close to irfanview. And now that it has real rotation, I miss it even more.

That said, kview is pretty good.

lynn Wed Jun 14 20:23:55 2006

Lynn –

I’m doing fine for DVDs with xine and/or kaffeine; same engine, the latter is the KDE gui. Have you got an unrecognized DVD drive?

Gwenview is probably not up to Irfanview, but it’s not bad, either. It will certainly flip images and allow you to save the changed version.

– Graydon

Graydon Thu Jun 15 14:29:27 2006

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