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Sunday photo dump

We went down to Oaks Park today for the 50th anniversary of the SP&S farewell to steam. The 700 was doing a push-pull train from Oaks Park down to the bizarre track jog just south of OMSI, so, of course, we rode it (after a long wait for the 2pm train, which didn't leave the Oaks Park station until around 3:05.)

I took a few pictures of the eng as it was coming and going, most of indifferent quality (it's hard to get that 3/4ths wedge shot that railfan magazines love when you're either (a) on a bicycle trail that used to be Portland Traction's #1 track and the train is on the #2 track, or (b) when you're riding on the train and it goes around one of the two curves on the line), so I've picked this one as the best of a bad lot until I have a chance to sort through the pictures at a more leisurely rate.

Just as an operational aside, there's something seriously wrong with the world when you're riding on a train pulled by an as-modern-as-it-comes North American steam locomotive, and little children on their princess sparklepony bicycles are passing you.


More photos! I didn’t know about this event. Wish I could have been there.

mourningdove Sun Jun 11 21:45:41 2006

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