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When I’m emperor of the world…

... I will decree that all vehicles on the imperial highways will have their bumpers set at a standard height, so that when someone in a truck decides to back up without checking to see if the Royal Automobile is behind them, they'll run into the Royal Bumper instead of sailing gaily over it and crunching the Royal Engine Compartment.

Fortunately, the truck driver's insurance will pay for this woeful lack of standardization (to the tune of US$2000. Ouchie.)



About a week after I got my license when I turned 16, I had an old beater pickup with a huge steel step-bumper. I got rear-ended by a car doing about 5mph. No damage at all to my truck, not even a scratch on the bumper. She was driving a brand-new, still-had-the-dealer-plates Cadillac which had a repair estimate of $2500.

She got out of her car, furious, almost yelling “Why did you stop!”…

“Because the traffic in front of me did, ma'am”

Aaron B. Hockley Sat Jun 10 17:14:18 2006

A lady in a truck backed up into my Civic in 2001.(She looked in her rear-view but couldn’t see me because she was so far above the ground!)

Sometimes I wish I had a ‘72 Oldsmobile to drive around in.

Jonathan Versen Sat Jun 10 21:34:29 2006

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