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Fun with cameras

I decided to take the #17 bus home this afternoon to see if there was anything interesting at Brooklyn yard. There wasn't much activity there, but a freight headed by SD40-2 3231 was parked at the north end of the yard, just begging to be experimented on.

Most of the photography I do is via the traditional point and grunt method of pointing my Pentax at the offending Eng! and letting the computer figure out the best exposure, but most is not all, as you can see.

The first two photos were taken with the camera in full auto mode, the second two were taken with manual aperture, and the last two were taken with manual shutter. I've got the camera set to save the pictures as high-quality jpegs, so I didn't do one lick of postprocessing on any of the large images (the thumbnails were simply square-cropped and saved; jpegs corrode when edited, so I don't tend to postprocess unless the pictures are painfully crooked.)

F8.0, 1/750th sec.

F9.5, 1/500th sec.

F32, 1/45th sec.

F27, 1/60th sec.

F4.0, 1/1000th sec.

F4.0, 1/4000th sec.