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bellum omnium contra omnes

Life in Iraq is now:
Mission Accomplished!

(links via My Blahg, Juan Cole, No Capital, Hugo Zoom)


You forgot to add, “Oil prices (and futures) at an all time high with no sign of future reductions.” Or is that just a side effect bonus rather than an intentional outcome.

Oh, wait. This government doesn’t seem to deliver any intentional outcomes.

Lynn Thu May 18 08:09:52 2006

I’m not sure if it’s a side-effect or the original intent, but the United States has not yet collapsed into the sort of Hobbsian anarchy which Iraq has slid into. Given that the B*sh junta has so far left every single state they’ve “helped” in a state of complete disarray, I am beginning to believe that this is what they want the United States to look like, but for now Iraq is the best example of bellum omnium contra omnes the world has.

David Parsons Thu May 18 18:03:45 2006

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