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Tonight, I will sit down on the bus, then laugh and laugh and laugh.

US$75/barrel, baby!

I've come to the conclusion that my ability to act on predicting the future is pretty well useless (not buying gold when it started charging up towards the current US$640/ounce, not buying that extra property when we bought our house, not buying wads of RH stock when it was down around US$1.00, etc etc etc), but I am glad that the one instance where we did buy sensibly (we bought a house ON A BUSLINE into downtown, instead of some horrid suburban plot where it's a two-hour busride to anything. Oh, and we also bought a Prius) means that we're somewhat insulated from the more-­ridiculous-­by-­the-­minute price of gasoline.

It's probably time to start buying land in the city, just in case.

(via Atrios)


Just a minor nit: it’s $75/barrel. Won’t hit $75/gallon for another three years at least.

I expect $100/barrel by July. If the Idiot Son decides to attack Iran for the October Surprise, try $150/barrel. At that point the wheels come off the economy, China calls in the loans to pay for their oil, and the dollar drops 80%. Merry Christmas!

Francois Fri Apr 21 17:56:30 2006

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