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This is the logo of a new British Special Forces group that's being formed. The Special Forces Support Group, based in Wales, appears to be a rapid deployment version of the special forces, which can be picked up and shipped off to Iran around the world when Tony Bliar wants to make nice with Maximum Leader Genius some counter-terrorism emergency comes up. A good plan, and it's certainly closer to the proper way of dealing with terrorists (police action, not military action) than the now traditional foot-in-mouth military methods that the B*sh junta use.

It's a pity that the insignia designers that the MOD hired appear to be either ignorant or illiterate, because this spiffy new insignia reminds me of a certain other insignia that just might not be the sort of thing that you'd want people to think of when the SFSG comes knocking at their door.


(via the BBC)


actually, I vaguely recall other post 1945 special forces using the lightning bolt as part of their insgnia.

Jonathan V("Hugo Zoom") Sun Apr 23 18:45:59 2006

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