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Trolley picture of the day

I went out to the land of the horribly depressing cube farms this afternoon for a OS development strategy meeting (yippee!) which, aside from reminding me that there are offices that make my depressing 60s-era office look like the inside of the Louvre, gave me a good opportunity to ride on (and, for a change, photograph) trolleys. The only trolley I managed to see was my eastbound train, so I took a bunch of pictures of it while hoping that the sun wouldn't spoil all of the photos.

And then it took me another hour to get home, thanks mainly to the ultra-slow ride from 18th & Jefferson to Pioneer Courthouse Square, and then the ultra-slow ride from 6th and Salmon down past the Portland Motor Speedway (Arthur street, where it twists and turns along the highway and past the ADP/OHSU offices at 1st & Arthur) and up to the Ross Island Bridge. Perhaps if Multnomah County can secede from Oregon then they will have enough money to be able to build a proper subway through downtown instead of the rather pathetic scheme of putting a trolley line down the transit mall (a transparent way of getting federal money to build the transit mall, with the excuse of "oh, no, we're building a new trolley line!" to get the federal dollars) that Portland is going to be stuck with.