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Green with envy

The good news is that someone in my family just bought a em64-mini. The bad news is that it wasn't me; my mother, after several years of fooling around with Windows boxes, starting with one that I handbuilt for her, but which only had 256mb of core (This was not enough for the handful of PC games and utilities she uses. This was a detail that these programs just couldn't STFU about, either, so every time they started they'd whine, R*dh*t-style, about there Not Being Enough Memory(tm) to run before they went ahead and, um, ran) through a bunch of increasingly disfunctional eMachine boxes bought through suburban chain stores (staffed by people who didn't give a damn that the hardware they were selling didn't work, and who would happily tell her to go to the other side of the Portland metro area to return the stupid box for "service"), finally went in to one of the local Apple stores and plunked down US$800 for a mini.

The powerPC minis were teh sexxy, but the em64t minis are even better. I am officially green with jealousy, even though I prefer the windows UI to the Mac UI and find navigating around a Mac to be an endless stream of very pretty and seamlessly engineered frustrations.

I'm not going to go out and buy one myself, because our money situation is too tight to think about it, but if I win the lottery the US$800 won't cut into my finances very much (and if I won the lottery, I could go out and buy some pieces myself and build a mini-sized handbuilt PC that runs Mastodon instead. So it's time to buy another lottery ticket.


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