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Okay, so there’s some use for a chainsaw.

When we moved into our house, we had two cherry trees in the back yard; one long-dead, one in very sad shape but still alive. Over the years, the alive one finished dying and started to shed branches, and while we were still in the throes of arguing about whether or not to hire someone to cut the trees down, the older dead one helpfully fell down to encourage us.

We were suitably encouraged, even more so when sawing apart the fallen tree took me about half a hour per cut. So we hired a tree removal service to come in and convert the other tree into firewood.

Since they do this sort of thing for their job, they don't have the same hangups as I do about not using power tools where musclepower can do the job.

They arrived at 1 minute before noon (they said they'd show up in the morning, and, yes, they did show up in the morning...) and by 2:30, the other tree was reduced to a pile of firewood, the debris had been swept up, and their truck was on its way.

I'm not sure if it will be the best firewood in the world, but it's probably enough firewood to heat our house for a month next winter. And given the way the price of diesel oil is climbing, it will probably also end up being a cheaper way to heat the house.



And did I mention…


Russell, of course, was delighted to have a new place to look for pillbugs and beetles and things. He found some odd-looking white, prickly, inch-long grubs; much fascination. Much consternation on the part of his father when they were found in the house, thanks to his lackadaisical related-to-biologists mother (well, they WERE in a glass jar, and we had established to our mutual satisfaction that they couldn’t get out… nevertheless, I admit they are sort of revolting-looking).

Julie the Spouse Thu Mar 23 23:25:08 2006

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