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I’m going to start calling Stephen Harper mini-me

... because it's becoming painfully obvious that he wants to be a clone of the Coward in Chief. The latest piece of evidence supporting this theory is the discovery that, lo and behold, there are now Canadian soldiers operating in Vietnam Iraq. Colo(u)r me not surprised; It's not likely Harper can start an unprovoked aggressive war with anyone (unless he calls out the air force to bomb those pesky indian tribes), but you can get (almost; the B*sh junta won't be giving those unwashed Canadians more than a few scraps from the US government teat) all of the benefits of an unprovoked aggressive war just by attaching yourself, remora-like, to the pearly-white B*sh bottom.

And, as a side-effect, that embarrassing "nice" reputation? Play your cards right and that will soon be a thing of the past.

(via My Blahg and They Moved To Canada)