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Oh, dear

I thought I was joking when I said that Stephen Harper had mistaken the Cliffs Notes version of the Evil Party plan for destroying America for the actual plan and was thus doing everything wrong as fast as possible. I began to have some doubts about the "joke" part when I read that Harper had muzzled his cabinet, B*sh junta style, and that the Liberals had decided to do the centrist Democrat shuffle by cravenly supporting the Afghanistan deployment, no matter what, because it's the "responsibility of the executive" (It's flattering that the Liberals should admire the United States enough to want to emulate the now traditional ritual mass suicide of the opposition party, but I have doubts about the long-term success of this new tradition), but when I read that Canadian troops, like the American troops before them, have to spend their own money on gear because the stuff supplied by the government is not up to snuff, I begin to think that that's exactly what the Harper government is doing.

The mind, it boggles. Perhaps the CPC is worried that appearing to be an intelligent government will encourage immigration, and they want to back the leaders of every other English-speaking country in the world up in their new production of "We're all bozos on this bus!" (a free production, but we've nailed the doors shut so you can't leave before the final act is over.)

Or perhaps they're just stupid and they don't know they're lying. Alberta is, after all, right up next to the Rocky Mountains and they know there is a little more Canada on the other side of those mountains, so there's *got* to be an easy way to get there from here.

(links via Sinister Thoughts and pogge)