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Spooky Project of the week

The glass pieces in the middle of the circular table, lit by blue LEDs under the tabletop. (The LED that came with the glowy yo-yo is red, so the light that came up through the glass pieces was uniformly red. Better on the spooky department, but not quite so good on the "have the light be the colo(u)r of the glass" department.

The fuzziness in the picture is because I don't have a very fast lens on the pentax, so an almost-no-light picture is a case of <cli ...(15 seconds)... ck>, which is long enough for even the most steady camera hands to wobble the camera (note that the table is quite tall; my tripod is not quite tall enough to look down on the table at the correct angle, and for a non-portfolio picture I'm not going to set up a platform to mount the camera tripod on. So I try and hold my breath and hope that my middle-aged tremors aren't enough to mess up the focus too much.)