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Not getting it, Stupid Party style

On what to look for in a presidential candidate (this from a NYTimes article about Mark Warner):

From this vantage point, Warner's meeting with Korge was an unqualified success. "In my opinion, he's the one to watch as an outsider in this race," Korge told me. "He seems presidential. He's a big guy." (By this he meant, literally, that Warner is well over six feet tall, with a well-coiffed head that requires extra-large baseball caps.)

Because, heavens, nobody will vote for you if you're a dumpy inbred scion of a family of upper class arms dealers or (worse yet, if you're a fat old government minister from Montana). No, no, "pretty" and "tall", those are the only important features in a presidential candidate.

Aaargh. I'm switching my voter registration to the Evil Party; they won't call me in the morning either, but at least they'll leave US$200 by the bed after they've finished fucking me.

(link to NYTimes article via Body and Soul)